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인사말 사진
Soaring Sacheon –
Dream of Aerospace! Let’s Make it Come True On Our Own!
Along with fantastic airshows performed by Black Eagles and overseas civil air display teams, we offer a variety of informative programs including aviation competition, aerospace-related hands-on & educational programs, aviation training & research institutes’ PR halls, academic conference, Flight Youth Day and free flight. We help young children and teens dream of their future, companies and adult visitors have hope and those in aviation industry be proud of their job.

The ROK’s air display team ‘Black Eagles’ will display aerobatic flight with Korean supersonic aircraft ‘T-50’. In addition, the ROK’s army, navy and air force and the US Air Force (USAF) will demonstrate fantastic performances. In addition, private and public teams are going to exhibit aircrafts and display great flight. Come and enjoy thrilling Sacheon Airshow with your beloved family on a beautiful autumn day. We invite you all to Sacheon Airshow which can help adolescents dream of the future of aerospace.
Sacheon Airshow 2022 Presidents Hong min-hee Acting mayor of Sacheon / Song Do-geun, Mayor of Sacheon/ Commanding Officer of the 3rd Flight Training Wing / President of the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)